Overkill is a Xonotic MOD, a ultra fast-paced first-person shooter that works on Windows, OS X and Linux.

A clash between two races, Human-alliance & Robot-uprising,

Professor Peter Magnus | Human-allianceProfessor Peter Magnus
Professor Magnus helped develop the original robot ai. He is on hand to analyze salvaged robot cerebrums and determine the nature of the secret. A special forces grade exo suit with integrated combat reflexes allows him to keep pace with any soldier.


Admiral Clay Shakur | Human-alliance Admiral Clay Shakur
Admiral Clay Shakur Leads the human forces to eliminate the rebellious machines. He knows little about robotics but is charismatic and commanding. He rose to power during the African Wars where he excelled at strategical deploying landing crafts of marines on the war torn coasts.


Engineer Ernesto Gomez | Human-alliance Engineer Ernesto Gomez
Repairs exo suits and integrates new technology as it comes. Gomez has been experimenting with robotics since designing a flame throwing guard dog out of a roomba and some hairspray. He personally petitioned for beer vats to be installed on every fleet ship.


Lieutenant Bruce Jun-fan | Human-alliance Lieutenant Bruce Jun-fan
The best tactician in the human fleet. Captured the robot command ship in simulators with 4 marines. Jun-Fan has been training for this possible scenario since the robots were created. He is confident the machines lack of actual combat experience will be their downfall.


Talus | Robot-uprising Talus
One of the original models and first to reach Alpha Centauri. Discovered the secret. Put out the call to the robots to abandon humanity.




T-900 | Robot-uprising T-900
Commands the robot counterstrike. Has a working knowledge of every human war and battle that has ever been recorded in history.




Bishop | Robot-uprising Bishop
Developed the logic that it was necessary to kill any human pursuers as a deterrent. Refused the order to return to Earth and be dissected. Argues for the prompt elimination of the human race.



Ash | Robot-uprising Ash
Deigned a small network of solitary robots equipped with jump jets to quietly scout the oncoming human fleet.




Machine-gun Machine-gun




Heavy Machine-gunHeavy Machine-gun

  Rocket Propelled Chainsaw LauncherRocket Propelled Chainsaw Launcher



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